Nerd Poured Candle Crate: Dreaming of Ghibli

NPCC: Dreaming of Ghibli

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This is the second month that I have ordered this new candle subscription box from Geeky Clean, with three candles, a bookmark and an enamel pin delivered to your door every month. I previously bought the theme for July – For the Love of Books.

The website describes the crate like this:

Well met traveller and welcome to NPC Crate. Your monthly quest reward sent straight to your mailbox, without any unexpected journeys, having to slay any dragons, roll any dice or seduce any fairy princes (although we do recommend at least a little adventure to keep things interesting now and again).

Quest reward: Three natural soy wax candles based around a monthly nerdy theme and an exclusive enamel pin fit for any dragons horde.

You cannot alter your fate. However you can ride to meet it.


August’s Theme: Dreaming of Ghibli

The packaging for this month’s box was much more compact than last month’s, meaning it should now be able to fit through most standard post boxes – this is a big bonus if your postman/woman comes around when you’re at work!

I was super-excited for this month because I love Studio Ghibli movies, but, outside of Japan, there’s not much merchandise, etc. I also haven’t seen very many other candles inspired by Studio Ghibli so it is quite unique!

Last month’s box was brilliant, but I love this month’s even more!

The box contains 3 candles, a bookmark ( the candle ingredients are on the back) and an enamel pin badge.


I was delighted with everything – the bookmark is covered in cute drawings of soot sprites, Chihiro’s helpers from Spirited Away (the crochet soot sprite was made for me by my boyfriend! Isn’t it cute?)

The enamel pin featured yet another favourite sidekick – Calcifer, from Howl’s Moving Castle. This is one of my favourite books and one of my favourite Studio Ghibli movies. Calcifer is a brilliant character so I will be treasuring this!

Last, but certainly not least, the lovely trio of candles. I loved the variety of scents and that each was from a different movie.

The first one I unwrapped was Howl’s Moving Castle, which got a little ‘sqeee!’ of delight from me because I was hoping for even more Howl goodies after the Calcifer pin. It smells really citrussy and sweet, with scents of yuzu, mandarin and grapefruit. Almost good enough to eat!

Second to appear was Totoro’s forest, which smells green and fresh with scents of ylang ylang, sandalwood and pine. This scent contrasted really well with the last one as it is very fresh and ‘green’.

The final candle was Yubaba’s Bath House, which smells of a mixture of citrus and lotus. I think that this might be my favourite of all the scents, although I do keep going back to the others too…


This is a subscription box in the sense that it is delivered every month, but each box is for sale as a stand-alone, rather than as a rolling subscription. This allows you to pick and choose the months that you would like to receive – themes are announced around the end of the previous month.

September’s box is based around Dungeons and Dragons, which *whispers* I have never played! I did read a few of the books, especially as my brother and sister loved the ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ books, but I’ve never actually played the game. For that reason, I haven’t ordered a box for September, but I will definitely be keeping an eye on upcoming themes and ordering more in the future!

The Nerd Poured Candle Crate costs £15, plus £4.95 postage to the U.K.



What I liked: Studio Ghibli theme, particularly as there isn’t much available for fans outside of Japan, the selection of movies represented, the colours and scents of all the candles, Calcifer pin (YAY!) and soot sprites bookmark (SO CUTE!)

Even better if: Everything in the box was brilliant! Only problem is that I think I will have to start buying this box pretty much every month as the merchandise is sooooo cute!



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Thanks for reading!

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  1. AJ says:

    That sounds like a neat box!


    1. I really like it! Every month is a different fandom so it’s well worth keeping an eye on their announcements just in case one of your favourites appears!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. AJ says:

        I will have to check it out:)

        Liked by 1 person

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