July Round-Up

July Round-Up

July has whooshed past and I cannot quite believe that it is already August! I only finished school yesterday! (The children finished last Wednesday on the 24th, but I’ve been in sorting out my classroom for next year).

July has been a quiet month for me on the blog due to lots of things in life taking priority, from health to family to work. I am excited to now be off for the summer and am planning to do lots of reading and blogging as well as getting our house sorted out (lots of D.I.Y. needing to be done) and catching up with friends and family who I haven’t seen enough of during the academic year.

How has July been for you? What do you have planned for August?

Check out my monthly round-ups for January, February , March, April , May and June.

Books read in July


Books read

Total: 29 (Total so far this year: 250)

Picture books: 4

Graphic novels: 1

Middle Grade: 10

Young adult: 9

Adult: 5

Non-fiction: 1

Poetry: 0

Sources of books

Library: 19

Bought/Owned: 5

Won: 0

ARC: 5  ( 3 e-ARCs from Netgalley)

Books read that count towards the #YARC2019 Reading Challenge: 5 (Total so far: 31  )

Still on track for that Bengal Tiger, but only just! Check out my halfway through progress check to see what I’ve read so far!

Highlights this month have included: The Plague Stones, The House of Light, A Thousand Beginnings and Endings, The Curses, An Illusion of Thieves, Ophelia and the Marvellous Boy, A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder and Stronger, Faster & More Beuatiful

July Posts

Honestly, I have been a bit rubbish with posting this month as the last few weeks of school were just so crazily busy and I’ve had some health and family stuff going on. I will be back with more regular posting in August!

Book Reviews: Spin the Dawn, My Fate According to the Butterfly.

Mini-Reviews: Female Pilots.

Waiting on Wednesday: The Kingdom, The Taste of Rain, The Ten Thousand Doors of January, Chinglish, Winterwood.

Six for Sunday: Sunshine

Other: Book Spotlight: Blastaway! , Year of the Asian Readathon: halfway through Progress Check.

July Achievements and Highlights

  • I attended the very first #PrimarySchoolBookClub Live event at Bloomsbury Publishing in London. Aside from getting to visit the Bloomsbury Publishing Offices (which are beautiful and really remind me of Grimmauld Place!) I was also super-excited to meet Cat Doyle again to talk about the sequel to The Storm Keeper’s Island, The Lost Tide Warriors. As any regular visitors to my blog will know I am a massive fan of The Storm Keeper’s Island and always go out of my way to support authors from home. This was such a great event and I had a wonderful time, despite the heat!


  • My boyfriend and I were lucky enough to go for a cream tea and a night on the West End, thanks to a lovely experience voucher purchased for me by my class last year (long story short – the experience could only be booked for Monday-Thursday during term time so the only date I could book was the Thursday after we finsihed school on Wednesday!). We had a lovely afternoon cream tea at the Ambassador’s Hotel, then went to see The Woman in Black at the Fortune Theatre. Fortunately, both places had air conditioning on the hottest day of the year, although the trains were a bit of a nightmare. I was honestly a bit nervous about seeing The Woman in Black as I had heard that it was really scary – it was! But it was also brilliant!


  • Finishing school for the summer holidays! The last few weeks before we break up is always hectic with Family Open Day, Sports Day, Year 6 production, Transition Day, moving classrooms and sending home reports, aprons and all the other paraphernalia of a school year. I always approach the end of the year with mixed feelings – on one one hand I am exhausted and ready for a break. Yet, on the other hand, I am sad to pass my class on to someone else when I’ve just got them where I want them and there are so many more things that I would love to learn with them! Luckily, I am not moving classrooms this year (finally!) so I was able to get my classroom and the store of doom mostly whipped into shape over the past three days.


  • I did not, unfortunately attend YALC. I really did want to, but a combination of end-of-term-itis (i.e. general exhaustion), family stuff and some health issues meant that going would have just been a stretch too far for me this year. Better luck next year maybe? I have loved seeing everyone’s round-ups of the event and am majorly jealous of meeting all the lovely authors and getting lots of books. However, I have just reserved 11 books at the library, have another 20+ next to me and lots of books on my shelves which still need to be read so I will survive!


July Favourites

Food/Drink:  Due to some health issues this has not been the best month for food or drink, although I did very much enjoy my cream afternoon tea! Now that I;m off for the summer I will inevitably eat more healthily as well as exercise more!

Skincare: I have been using the Sanctuary Spa night-time body butter and feel like it has really been helping me to relax and sleep. I have also become much more consistent that month with doing yoga both as soon as I get up and just before bed to stretch out my muscles. Definitely worth taking the time to wind down and get ready for sleep!

TV/Film/Music: I finally watched The Umbrella Academy on Netflix and I loved it! I have a soft spot for stories about dysfunctional families and people having unique superpowers (love the X-Men) so I really enjoyed this. I thought that the acting and character building was superb and was completely able to forgive the slower pacing in favour of character development.

Have you watched it yet? I can’t wait for Season 2!


What did you think of my monthly round-up for July?

How did your month go?

What are you looking forward to next month?

Let me know in the comments!

Also, please link your monthly round-ups below so I can catch up with your blogs!

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Thanks for reading!

11 Comments Add yours

  1. BookCraic says:

    Hope you have a well-deserved and relaxing summer break!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, I’m looking forward to it!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I was in Northumberland for most of July which was so lovely and I managed to read 19 Books, which I’m really pleased with! Well done on reading 29!
    What did you think of A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder? I loved that one back in May!
    This month I’m looking forward to going to see the Lion King, finally getting my exam results ober with so I can stop worrying and a night away in one of my favourite places. And hopefully being able to read lots more books!
    Amy x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re so lucky to spend time in Northumberland – I’ve always wanted to visit! I loved A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder although I picked it up rather cautiously as I wasn’t sure if it would be my kind of book or not! We’re hopefully going to see The Lion King at the cinema this weekend and I’m excited 🙂 Hope the rest of your summer goes really well and you can relax after getting your results! x

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Looking forward to chatting Lion King at some point! I really can’t wait to get my results out of the way now, I’m so so nervous for Tuesday 💜. I’m planning a library trip that morning to take my mind off waiting for them because they were really late last year and it was horrid!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Keeping my fingers crossed for you! The waiting is horrible. Hope you get some good books at the library to keep you busy! x

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I’m currently reading the Lost Tide Warriors and really enjoying it so far! It feels very fitting to be reading it today as I was reading the first this day last year when I had my surgery. I’m thinking We Are Giants next, but after that I’m not sure what to read next…
        Possibly a library book so I can justify taking out as many as I want to on Tuesday 🤣


  3. AJ says:

    Enjoy your holiday! Are you on a year round school schedule?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m a teacher in a school in England, but each county sets their own holidays. This year we have finished really late and are back fairly early so we have 5 weeks off (sounds like a lot but at least 2-3 of those weeks are spent recovering from the end of term and prepping for the new academic year in September!) I am planning lots of reading and D.I.Y. as well as seeing family and friends!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. AJ says:

        I’m a teacher in Canada so I completely understand about recovery time coming out of those five weeks. Enjoy your time off!


  4. That’s a great selection of books!

    I love a nice cream tea.

    I hope you have a lovely relaxed holiday


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