August Round-Up

August Round-Up


August has been a quiet month here on the blog, but a jam-packed one in real life! My family came to visit me, then we went to Austria for a few weeks to stay with my partner’s family, as well as finally spend some time exploring Vienna. One of my friend from Japan visited – I hadn’t seen her in 9 years so that was pretty special!

How was your August?

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Books read


Books read

Total: 34 (Total so far this year: 283)

Picture books: 4

Graphic novels: 1

Middle Grade: 10

Young adult: 9

Adult: 8

Non-fiction: 1

Poetry: 0

Sources of books

Library: 17

Bought/Owned: 2

Won: 0

ARC: 14   ( 3 e-ARCs from Netgalley)

(Thank you so much to all the wonderful publishers who sent me ARCs – they are all read, appreciated, and passed on to others who will love them too!)

Books read that count towards the #YARC2019 Reading Challenge: 6 (Total so far: 37 )

Highlights this month have included: Rebel Dogs, Vicous, The Lost Tide Warriors, Together We Can, The Old Man and the Sea, Brightfall, The Nightjar, Anna At War, Ready Player One, The Space We’re In, All The Things We Never Said, I, Cosmo, When Dimple Met Rishi, The Switching Hour, The Hollow Tree and Miracle Creek.

I really had a fantastic reading month with many of my reads being rated 5 stars!

August Posts

Book Reviews: Invisible Women, Sanctuary, Rebel Dogs, The Switching Hour, Together We Can, All the Things We Never Said.

Mini-Reviews: Greek Mythology,

Waiting on Wednesday: Harley in the Sky, Into the Crooked Place, Butterfly Yellow,

Library Loot: Bravery, Love and Loneliness; Middle Grade Madness;

Six for Sunday: Perfect Pool Reads, Fictional Holiday Destinations,

Other: How do you read so many books? , Summer Books,

August Achievements and Highlights

  • I had some good news about my health and something that has been worrying me for a while so…phew! Can breathe a sigh of relief!
  • Finally visited Vienna rather than just passing through on our way to stay with family – I will be posting about some of the cool stuff we saw!
  • Got my classroom updated and sorted out for the new academic year…now just need to sort out the library as it is a big mess…
  • Had a nice period of time to relax and recharge the batteries, which was much-needed.


August Favourites

Food/Drink: Weirdly and possibly because of the weather being quite rainy, I have rekindled my love of chai tea -made with lots of milk and spice! I have also been snacking on pretzels like a fiend!

Skincare: I have been using coconut oil cream from Palmer’s almost every day this month. I find that it doesn’t leave a smell/scent like the cocoa butter but leaves my skin feeling hydrated, which is especially important after being in the sun (not that we got that much sun this month compared to a normal August).

TV/Film/Music: We finally finished Rise of the Phoenixes – all 70 episodes! I was a little dissatisfied with the ending as it felt a bit rushed with some characters behaving in a slightly out-of-character way, yet cannot see hem making a second series because it tied up lots of loose ends. Definitely well worth watching for the acting, costumes, sets and convoluted storylines – if you though Game of Thrones was cut-throat, try this!

We went to see The Lion King in the cinema and I really enjoyed it, although I think that the animated version still has the edge for me. My favourite bits were the little extras with Timon and Pumba, but I didn’t really like how they changed Scar’s song and Nala seemed more like Beyonce than herself!


What did you think of my monthly round-up for August?

How did your month go?

What are you looking forward to next month?

Let me know in the comments!

Also, please link your monthly round-ups below so I can catch up with your blogs!

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Thanks for reading!

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  1. It sounds like you had a packed August. That’s an amazing number of books to have read, and it looks like there are some real gems on your list


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