Unique words in other languages

Still one of my favourite books!

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Unique words in other languages

Some people call these ‘untranslatable’ words which is rarely true as everything can be translated, one way or another.

However, it often teaches you something about a culture when they have a single word or phrase for a concept that may take a sentence to explain in English. I enjoy how succinct the description is, especially when they describe something universal in the human experience, yet without a specific word for it.

I recently came across this collection of illustrated ‘untranslatable’ words taken from a book I have enjoyed dipping into numerous times over the years.


Lost in Translation by Ella Frances Sanders

I still enjoy leafing through this book in odd moments – the only thing that I think could have improved it more would be if every word had a note about the country or language of origin .


This is one of…

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