2019 Blogging Stats

2019 Blogging Stats

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How has 2019 been for you?

Has your blog grown or has it fallen by the wayside?

Stats are those things that we all really care about, but somehow don’t talk about that often.

People always say that we shouldn’t compare ourselves to others, but it is difficult not to care about stats, especially as they are one of the few ways you can measure your blog’s ‘success’.

Last year, I posted my statistics for the year and had an amazing response from other bloggers talking about how they felt ashamed to care so much about stats or how depressing it could be when a post they worked really hard on didn’t get much response. Most of us aren’t blogging in order to get likes or comments, but it can be nice to feel ‘seen’ and have people interact with the content you have created.

This year, my blog has been on the back-burner, due to various things in life getting in the way, so I have not managed to post as consistently as I had hoped. In 2018, I managed to post 344 times so almost every day, but in 2019 I only managed 182 posts, with a few months where I didn’t post at all. In January 2019, I had my best ever monthly views of more than 2500.

However, despite posting a lot less this year, I still had nearly 19,000 views, which suggest that I could have beaten last year’s views (~21,000) … but I would rather make sure that I cam continuing to post content that I am happy with rather than blogging just to get views and beat an arbitrary number.

2019 stats

My most popular posts of 2019 were:

  1. How do you read so many books?
  2.  Book Review: The Twisted Tree
  3.  Book Review: No Ballet Shoes in Syria
  4.  5 things I’ve learnt from a year of blogging
  5.  5 Simple Steps to learn a New Language

Once again, I’m a little surprised that two of the top five posts were book reviews as they usually get fewer views than other types of posts.

My five personal favourite posts have been:

  1. And then there were three… new adventures in 2020!
  2. Books About Refugees
  3. DIY Adorable Peg Dolls
  4. 5 ways blogging makes you better
  5. Recommended Read-Alouds for Year 3

These are all posts I worked especially hard on or have a personal connection with.

My favourite reviews were:

  1.  Book Review: The Gilded Wolves
  2.  Book Review: Invisible Women
  3.  Book Review: A Treason of Thorns
  4.  Book Review: All The Things We Never Said
  5. Book Review: Summer Bird Blue

My least popular posts of 2019 were:

  1. Mini-Reviews: Remembrance
  2.  Six for Sunday: Witchy Books
  3.  Six for Sunday: Autumn-coloured Books
  4.  Book Review: An Illusion of Thieves
  5.  7 truly creepy reads for kids at Hallowe’en

Did you spot any posts above that you read or would like to read?

How has your 2019 been?

Are you planning to make any changes to your blog in 2020?

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Thanks for reading!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. ekpreston says:

    My favorite was “5 Things I’ve Learnt from a Year (and a bit!) of Blogging” because I felt like it gave me permission to breathe and just be as a blogger. Sometimes, when I read on how to improve my blog, I feel like I lose the fun and freedom that I have always loved in blogging. I get caught up in the technical stuff and the numbers, and feel like the sense of community gets pushed away. But that post you did reminded me that it’s okay if the foci of my blog are freedom and community and that publicity and numbers can be secondary or even tertiary goals.


  2. AJ says:

    I’m afraid to look at my stats lately


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