Six for Sunday: Favourite Authors to Follow

Six for Sunday: Favourite Authors to Follow

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I have missed so many of these already this year, which is a real shame as I really love the idea. Here are a few authors that I love following:

Melinda Salisbury – she is political and hilarious, passionate about what she believes in and unapologetic about standing up for that. I love reading her tweets and seeing her lovely instagram posts!

Laura E. Weymouth – not only is she an auto-buy author for me, but she posts interesting excerpts from her reading as adorable pictures of her dog |(and her kids, but Fred…)

Michelle Harrison – she always posts interesting titbits of folklore and cute pictures of her cats, as well as interacting so warmly with her readers.

Andy Shepherd – always warm, supportive and enthusiastic about reading and engaging younger readers in reading.

Gareth P. Jones – not only a fantastic author to have visit in schools (the kids were spellbound) but friendly and funny on social media.

Stephanie Burgis – so warm and genuine in all her interactions, plus she shares pictures of her enormous cat!

I feel like I am probably forgetting lots of people who should be on this list. I have been blown away by how friendly authors have been on Twitter and nothing makes my day so much as seeing a reply or a like when I flail about how much I love their books!

Who are your favourite authors to follow?

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#SixforSunday is created by Steph from A Little But a Lot.

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If you like, link your #SixforSunday posts below and I will check them out!

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Thanks for reading!

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