Multilingual flashcard: Happy Easter!

Multilingual flashcard : Happy Easter

Hope everyone is having a lovely Easter weekend, even if we cannot always spend it with our loved ones due to the lockdown. Happy Easter and enjoy the sunshine!

This post is a nostalgic one for me, as this is where my blog started. I was looking up how to say Happy Easter in different languages and reading about how different countries celebrate, as well as similar festivals and events in different countries. I thought about how great it would be to have a multilingual flashcard that would let you reinforce languages you already spoke, while learning new languages and increasing your meta-linguistic awareness as well as sending a message of inclusivity.

From that small seed, grew this blog which has since expanded to host nearly 200 multilingual flashcards, book reviews, DIY tutorials and much more besides. I look forward to getting back into blogging over the next few months as I go through the steep learning curve of looking after a newborn baby.

Happy Easter everyone and good luck with all of your goals in the next part of the year!


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No matter how you’re spending it, hope you’re having a lovely long weekend!

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  1. Happy Easter Christina! X


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