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This is my repository for musings about languages, links to resources I have created for the classroom or have found useful in learning or teaching and recommendations of books for use in teaching. Thank you for reading and I hope you find something useful! I am quite new to blogging so any tips are welcome.

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I am originally from Northern Ireland, currently living in England. I have also lived in Vietnam (1 year), Japan (1 year), Italy (5 months) and China (4 years).


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English and Japanese  bilingually

Advanced level of Mandarin Chinese

Intermediate Italian

Currently learning: Korean and German as well as a few basic words in French and Spanish in order to teach multiple languages in primary school and Polish to understand the home language of many of my pupils.


I am currently working as a teacher in Year 3 and studying  a MEd in Bilingualism in Education with the University of Birmingham. I love making links across subjects and promote the importance of multilingualism and language awareness in every classroom.

My first degree was Joint Honours Japanese and Italian at the University of Leeds, followed by a PGCE in Primary Education with the University of Brighton;.

In Japanese I studied archaeology (specializing in the paleolithic, Jomon, Yayoi and Heian periods) and history and politics (specializing in Sino-Japanese relations) and in Italian I studied history (specializing in the history of manuscripts, books and printing and reading) and art history (Late Medieval and Renaissance periods). I also learned a little about architecture, literature, film studies and education in both countries.

During my degree I spent a year in Japan at Kumamoto University studying Japanese, superstitions and folklore and volcanology. I also spent a term in Italy studying art history, history and Italian.

Italy (Florence) and Japan (Kyoto)


Before university I taught English for a year in Vietnam with the charity Project Trust.

After graduation I moved to China, where I worked with the British Council, then managed the English Department of a Japanese school and later worked as a teacher in the Bilingual (English-Japanese) class in an international school.

Vietnam (Hue) and China (Man Mo)

I moved back to the U.K. in July 2015 and started my studies to qualify as a teacher.

I am passionate about language learning, bilingualism, reading and lifelong learning so this blog will touch on all of those areas. Hope you enjoy and thanks for visiting!

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