Books for teaching mathematical concepts

I enjoy using books to introduce a new topic in Mathematics or to provide children a fun way to practise or consolidate their skills. Math Curse by Jon Scieszka and Lane Smith is a fun book that looks at all the ways Maths is relevant to our everyday lives. This is an interesting way to…

Roald Dahl themed Maths Resources for Book Week

So next week is Book Week and a lot of schools are building the theme for their week around Roald Dahl as this year marks 100 years since he was born. Kids love Roald Dahl, generally because of his irreverence, bizarre storylines and grotesque characters. As an adult I have to admit that his stories…

Multilingual flashcard: Slytherin

Day 28 and Slytherin’s turn in the spotlight – learn how to say the name of the sneakiest house in 9 languages! See all the Harry Potter-themed flashcards here.

Multilingual flashcard: Ravenclaw

Day 27 of multilingual flashcards, gradually labeling the world around me in 9 languages. According to Pottermore I am a Ravenclaw so need to know my house name in as many languages as possible! Leave a comment or a like if you’re a Ravenclaw too!

Multilingual flashcard: Gryffindor

Day 26 and I’m starting with the most popular house at Hogwarts – Gryffindor, in 9 languages. Click here to see all the Harry Potter related flashcards

Multilingual flashcard: Hogwarts

Day 24 of the multilingual flashcard challenge! I was always planning to do some Harry Potter-related flashcards but the blogpost by polyglottando today talking about using translated literature to improve reading skills inspired me to start on the Harry Potter words with…Hogwarts!  

Fairytales for children

“Fairy tales since the beginning of recorded time, and perhaps earlier, have been a means to conquer the terrors of mankind through metaphor.” ― Jack Zipes I have always loved fairytales in all their incarnations. They are a mainstay in our popular culture from bedtime stories to movies, constantly being reinvented and reinterpreted. There are…