Language Learning Resources

I will put links here to language learning resources that I have found useful for learning or teaching languages.

These pages will constantly be updated with languages I am currently learning or teaching getting the most attention.

Please recommend any resources you know of that could be useful too!

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Some general resources:

Duolingo is a good place to start. There are more and more languages being added all the time and it provides a good introduction to the basic vocabulary you will need in another language. However, it is not enough alone.

Memrise has an ever-growing collection of user-created vocabulary lists for learning almost everything you could think of (not just languages). It is a brilliant resources and, although there is a small chance or errors, the sheer quantity and quality of material provided will keep you busy for years.

Tatoeba is an online collection of sentences, translated into as many languages as possible. It is ideal for seeing new vocabulary in context and allowing you to start using the new language correctly straightaway. You can also contribute by translating sentences into your own language or adding sentences to the database for words which do not yet have them.

Click on your chosen language to see the resources:



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