Multilingual flashcards

Why learn one language at a time when you can learn lots?

I started this as a way to reinforce my current languages while adding new ones as a common problem many multilingual speakers face is that they have specific vocabulary in one language but not the other.

For example, when a Japanese friend came to visit me when I was living in Italy and I suddenly had to talk about Renaissance art and history in Japanese instead of Italian my head nearly exploded.

Similarly difficult was being asked about the Fukushima nuclear disaster and tsunami in my Italian oral exam or the Libyan refugee crisis in Japanese when all the information I consumed and the conversations I had about these topics were in the respective other languages.

For this reason I have been making a conscious effort to ensure equal access to relevant vocabulary in all my languages, rather than just the one most pertinent to the information.

I will be posting multilingual flashcards with words and phrases below – when there are enough they will be grouped by topic to make them easier to use.

Flag for United Kingdom     Flag for Japan     Flag for China     Flag for Italy       Flag for South Korea     Flag for Germany     Flag for France     Flag for Spain

For these cards I will be using 7 languages: English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Italian, French, German and Spanish

I will also add Irish and Polish where I am able to get them checked as I don’t really speak either of these languages (yet!)

Apart from the languages that I speak well I am not guaranteeing these to be completely free of errors. I have checked with a native speaker where possible but would really appreciate it if you let me know if you spot any mistakes so I can correct them as soon as possible.

Thank you!

Click on each page below to see them arranged by topic or simply scroll down to see them in order of publication.

Weather/ Nature



Special events / Festivals




Fantasy / Harry Potter

Feelings / States of being




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