Multilingual flashcard: Gold (colour)

Gold (colour) in 10 languages with multilingual flashcard number 113. Gold is commonly associated with luxury, riches and treasure. It can give the impression of affluence or elegance, but can also be seen as tacky when overdone.    

Korean: TTMIK Level 1 Test Dialogue

Now you have completed the Level 1 podcasts from Talk to Me in Korean, here’s your chance to test yourself and see how much progress you have made since starting to learn this new language. (If you need a quick review, check out the other posts from Level 1 here, here, here and here) The…

Multilingual flashcard: Grey/Gray

Multilingual flashcard 112 – Grey (UK)/ Gray (USA) in 10 languages In Japanese the dictionary usually gives us hai-iro, or ash-coloured, but nezumi-iro (mouse-coloured) is also commonly used in spoken Japanese. Image credits: Sensational Colour and Ingrid Sundberg

Talk to me in Korean: Level 1 Lesson 22-25

I am currently working my way through Level 3 of the TTMIK dialogues and have learned a lot from them so far. Their podcasts are one of the best resources I have found for learning Korean – I try to listen to at least two lessons a day, one to recap the lesson from yesterday,…

Unique words in other languages

Some people call these ‘untranslatable’ words which is rarely true as everything can be translated, one way or another. However, it often teaches you something about a culture when they have a single word or phrase for a concept that may take a sentence to explain in English. I enjoy how succinct the description is,…

Multilingual flashcard: Turquoise

Multilingual flashcard 110 – Turquoise in 10 languages. This was a difficult one to translate as so many places simply refer to the stone, turquoise, rather than the colour. It reminds me of azure water and silver sand and makes me look forward to summer! One of my favourite colours, also popular with my pupils….

Multilingual flashcard: Black

Multilingual flashcard 109 – the colour black in 10 languages Image credits: Sensational Colour and Ingrid Sundberg

Multilingual flashcard: White

Multilingual flashcard 108 – the colour white in 10 languages. I had always preferred cream or off-white for walls but my friend recently decorated her house with white floors and ceilings and grey walls. It looks incredible, like something from an interior design magazine. How do you feel about white? Image credits: Sensational Colour and…