Multilingual flashcard: Royalty

Royalty in 10 languages

Check out Princess, Prince, Queen and King in 10 languages by clicking on the name of each flashcard.

Now learn how to say royalty in 10 languages!

multilingual flashcards royalty

The word for ‘royalty’ also encapsulates the imperial or royal family in countries like Japan or China which traditionally had an emperor or empress rather than a king or queen. Despite there not being many countries with a monarchy in our modern world, this is still a recurring theme in fantasy novels and in history so I can see this language being something useful to you in your language learning journey!

It seem like royalty has a real hold on our imagination!

The picture below shows a small sample of stories featuring royalty – how many have you read?


What is your favourite story about royalty?

Do you think it is strange that we have so many stories about royalty when, in our world, it is so uncommon nowadays?

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