Waiting on Wednesday: Bright Ruin

bright ruin

Bright Ruin

(Dark Gifts Book 3)

Written by Vic James

416 pages

Published by Pan Macmillan

Publication date: 26th July 2018

Summary (from Goodreads):

A thrilling Orwellian vision of Britain, with a rebellious Hunger Games heart, Bright Ruin is the third and final title in Vic James’s electrifying Dark Gifts Trilogy, following Tarnished City.

Magically gifted aristocrats rule–and commoners are doomed to serve. But a rebellion threatens the old order. The dystopian trilogy that began with Gilded Cage and Tarnished City concludes.

In a world where the lower classes must endure ten years of forced service to unfairly advantaged, magically powered rulers, a teenage boy dreams of rebellion, his older sister yearns for love and knowledge, and a dangerous young aristocrat seeks to remake the world with his dark gifts. In Bright Ruin, the final book in the trilogy set in modern-day England, our heroes will lead a revolution that will transform–or destroy–the world.

Why I can’t wait to read this:

  • Have you met me? Or heard me fangirling about Gilded Cage? I absolutely adored the first book, then the second book Tarnished City kicked everything into a higher gear and I have been desperate to find out what happens since them. This series has become an all-time favourite for me!
  • Tarnished City finished on a cliffhanger so the wait for Bright Ruin has been painful.
  • There are so many threads to this story that I can’t predict how it is all going to be tied-up…but I can anticipate that not everybody is going to make it out alive. Change often comes with a high cost attached.
  • I need to finish this series so I can reread it all over again – and so that my boyfriend will finally read the rest of it too (he stopped after Gilded Cage after I let slip that there was a cliffhanger in Tarnished City…so he decided to wait until the whole trilogy is published)
  • I want more of all of the characters that I have grown to love and hate over the last two books.
  • The only problem with this being the final book in the trilogy is that there aren’t any more books in the series for me to look forward to after this! I am excited, yet scared to finish this!

Has your interest been piqued by this book and the description?

Does it sound like the kind of book you might enjoy?

Are you planning to read this book? Why/ Why not?

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  1. This definitely sounds interesting. I love a good cliffhanger, but at the same time I hate waiting for the next book to be published to find out what happens!! I NEED IT NOW! Ha ha!

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    1. If you haven’t read this trilogy, now would be a good time to start because you won’t have to wait to find out what happens! It has been torture waiting for this book, lol

      Liked by 1 person

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